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Financial Services Alpen Capital UAE Offering a comprehensive range of financial advisory services, Alpen Capital combines strategy, leadership and industry expertise to assist its corporate and institutional clients. The company is committed to helping clients increase the long-term value of their organisations. With offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Doha, Delhi and Mumbai, Alpen Capital has an impressive cross-continental reach that makes it accessible to a wide network of businesses. Furthermore, its Alpen Asset Advisors subsidiary provides vital services to high-net-worth individuals and firms within the region.
Financial Services BVI Finance
British Virgin Islands Since the British Virgin Islands’ Beneficial Ownership Secure Search System Act came into force in 2017, the territory’s reputation as a leading global financial centre – one that is adept at facilitating cross-border transactions in a transparent and convenient way – has only grown. In this context, the British Virgin Islands have promoted their role as a ‘regulatory sandbox’ – an enclosed environment supported by regulators where fintech innovation can safely take place. By encouraging financial experimentation while guaranteeing digital regulatory reporting, the British Virgin Islands have boosted innovation within their borders.
Energy Hanergy China The world’s leading manufacturer of thin-film solar power products, Hanergy has established research and development centres in Beijing, Sichuan, Silicon Valley and Sweden since its founding in 1994. The company’s thin-film modules produce increased yield via three methods: unique light-soaking technology, a temperate coefficient and irradiance. The company has applied for nearly 1,000 patents during its lifetime, 60 percent of which have been invention patents, and has been the chief developer – or involved in the development – of multiple national solar energy standards.
Media Brut
France French digital media firm Brut has accumulated millions of video views by focusing on high-quality news content and social engagement. While the start-up cannot compete with traditional news outlets in terms of resources, its neutral, explanatory approach has drawn praise at a time when trust in the media is at historically low levels. In October, Brut confirmed that it had successfully raised $40m in Series B funding, which would be used, in part, to launch its services in the US. If the start-up has as much success there as it’s had in its native France, it could cause serious disruption to the existing media landscape.
Financial Services Robert Hazboun, Group CEO, ICS Financial Systems UK ICS Financial Systems (ICSFS) operates across various subsectors of the banking industry, including Islamic, retail and corporate banking. By extending its expertise in this manner, the firm has become a renowned banking presence in the MENA region. Its ICS BANKS software is powered by an agile digital banking platform that delivers maximum value to all clients, while its ICS BANKS ISLAMIC solution specifically caters to banks that operate under Sharia law. Group CEO Robert Hazboun has been a driver of ICSFS’ focus on Islamic banking technology – he advocates the standardisation of the industry in order to improve the quality of its products.
Legal Afschrift Law Firm Belgium Providing legal services to individuals, small companies, international corporations and auditors, Afschrift Law Firm’s expertise has made it an industry leader in Central Europe. The firm is committed to helping high-net-worth individuals optimise their assets and reduce their tax burden in an efficient and lawful manner. Its team of consultants delivers in-depth analysis of various tax implications in order to provide reliable solutions. By analysing key decisions and translating them into possible outcomes, Afschrift guarantees the lowest tax burden for its clients, as well as the ultimate protection.
Legal Jáuregui y Del Valle Mexico With a mission to preserve the excellence of Mexico’s legal services, Jáuregui y Del Valle (JDV) has been advising clients since it was founded in 1975. Today, the firm is a regional leader in domestic and international transactions and corporate mergers and acquisitions, particularly in the highly regulated finance, tax and trade sectors. Over the past several decades, JDV has advised a variety of foreign government entities, including the US Department of Commerce, the US Treasury and the Securities and Exchange Commission, on projects worth up to $20bn. Its attorneys specialise in a wide range of legal areas.
Technology Fiverr Israel Known as the world’s largest marketplace for digital services, Fiverr enables businesses to find freelancers for almost any creative task. The company’s catalogue ranges from design and marketing services to website customisation and voiceovers. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Tel Aviv, the company’s revenue grew by nearly 45 percent in 2018, jumping from $52.1m to $75.5m, according to TechCrunch. Its net losses also increased during that period, however, leading Fiverr to file to go public on the New York Stock Exchange in May 2019. Since then, it has also launched an online store for influencers.
Financial Services Zenith Bank Nigeria As Nigeria’s authorities work to sustain macroeconomic stability, Zenith Bank – one of the country’s leading commercial banks – has made the customer experience its number one priority. Its suite of electronic products and mobile solutions, which includes digital wallets, QR code scanners and USSD systems, ensure Zenith’s digital banking channels are available to all consumers, regardless of their location. The bank has invested significantly in such services to guarantee a seamless experience, and expects them to cut costs in the long term by dramatically improving efficiency.
Manufacturing & Commodities Hitachi Japan Comprising numerous subsidiaries and more than 30,000 employees, Hitachi is a multinational conglomerate with a history of success across multiple industries. Its manufacturing solutions have received particular praise, including its equipment life cycle management, flexible services and live support systems. Hitachi is keen to transform the traditional factory using a combination of the Internet of Things, machine learning and advanced data analytics. The firm’s smart manufacturing solutions have helped customers optimise their energy use, conduct predictive maintenance and improve decision-making.
Financial Services Shelter Afrique Kenya As the only pan-African financial institution dedicated to the development of affordable housing, Shelter Afrique has committed to meeting the needs of the growing urban African population. A partnership of 44 governments, development banks and other institutions, Shelter Afrique aims to approve funding worth $1bn over the next five years for project financing, institutional lending and social housing, with an overarching ambition to provide decent and affordable homes for every person in Africa. Its three strategic goals are to promote financial sustainability, enhance shareholder value and improve organisational performance.
Infrastructure Nebojsa Karic, President, Dana Holdings Belarus With a mission to improve the infrastructure of Belarus and drive public-private partnerships across all emerging markets, Dana Holdings is implementing a variety of large projects throughout the region. President Nebojsa Karic has been instrumental to this development: in 2017, the company began the construction of Minsk World, a three-million-square-metre multifunctional complex located in the heart of the Belarusian capital. One of the largest construction projects in Europe, Minsk World is a city within a city, providing accommodation, business opportunities and leisure facilities in a single destination.