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Fintech Investae Russia

In an overcrowded marketplace, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get investors’ attention.

Nonetheless, over the past three years Investae has captivated the attention of hundreds of professionals from the financial industry by providing an answer to one of the most important questions faced by the industry: how can we make capital-raising easier?

Investae serves financial companies, boutique investment firms, bond issuers, fund managers, wealth managers and private bankers.

Investae brings a forward-thinking solution: an all-in-one platform providing a roadmap, marketing and sales tools and ongoing support to simplify and exemplify the capital-raising process.

Tourism Moroccan Agency for Tourism Development – SMIT

Imad Barrakad has served as CEO of the Moroccan Agency for Tourism Development – SMIT since 2011.

He has worked actively during this period on the development of the tourism product in Morocco both by raising investment capital as well as conducting strategic studies to launch several large scale tourism development projects.

Barrakad coordinates with various stakeholders involved in these developments and attends several high profile international events dedicated to the promotion of tourism investment with the aim to boost and maintain attractiveness of Morocco.

He also holds several positions as Director and Board Member of various development entities involved in tourism projects around the country.

Outsourcing Intelcia

Intelcia is a global player specialising in outsourcing, which has supported its clients for 20 years, offering tailor-made services that meet international standards by combining talents, technologies and processes.

In order to allow its customers to focus on their challenges and core business, Intelcia proposes a global onshore, nearshore and offshore offer around a cluster of four main solutions: customer relationship management, IT solutions outsourcing, BPO and digital services.

Today, the group serves its customers throughout the world through 35,000 employees operating in 85 centres spread across 16 countries in Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Legal Afschrift Tax & Legal

The events of this year have shown that it has never been more important to have a good grasp on both your personal and business finances.

Headquartered in Brussels, and with offices in Antwerp, Geneva, Fribourg, Luxembourg, Tel Aviv, Madrid and Hong Kong, Afschrift has offered a knowledgeable and dependable service throughout the course of 2021, guiding its clients through these most turbulent of times.

Its experts, all of whom also occupy high academic positions, are widely versed in every aspect of tax law and are able to address the most complex national and international tax planning issues.

In this uncertain climate, the firm represents a reliable, guiding force in the industry.

Investment XSpot Wealth

XSpot Wealth started out with a clear vision to bring top wealth management services to all.

It was a time of huge regulatory change within the wealth management industry and XSpot Wealth realised they could be part of this change.

With a specific focus on fintech, smart algorithms and AI already in use, the XSpot Wealth team realised they could democratise investing and help everyone at the start of their investment journey.

Since 2014, they have been focused on smart technology and low fees to provide outstanding customer service and accessible investments for all.