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Financial services Crédito Real Mexico The Mexican Stock Exchange has ranked Crédito Real as one of the top 500 firms in Mexico every year since 2012. The organisation provides services to segments of the population that have been generally neglected by traditional banks, offering them loans for payrolls, used cars and the creation of SMEs. More than seven million loans have been issued since Crédito Real’s inception. The company has recently expanded its operations in the US and Central America, and now serves almost 800,000 clients. It is also compliant with global best corporate governance practices, adhering to international standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative.
Financial services Copenhagen Capacity
Denmark Copenhagen Capacity is the official organisation for investment promotion and economic development in Greater Copenhagen. The firm supports foreign companies, investors and talent in identifying, releasing and capitalising on business opportunities in the Danish capital – from initial considerations to final establishment. All services come free of charge for foreign-owned companies. CopCap also works to promote strong networks across the region, introducing researchers, companies and venture capitalists to one another so that they can form long-term and fruitful partnerships.
Manufacturing & Commodities Ahmed Abou Hashima, CEO and Chairman, Egyptian Steel Egypt In 2010, Ahmed Abou Hashima founded Cairo-based Egyptian Steel, which has gone on to become a leader in the steel industry. A mixture of strong investment and strategic thinking has led the company to its current position within the market. Egyptian Steel creates high-quality, durable steel through innovative techniques, with energy efficiency being one of Abou Hashima’s main priorities. His goal is for Egyptian Steel to be responsible for 20 to 25 percent of Egypt’s steel supply in the coming years. Abou Hashima also runs Egyptian Steel’s sister company Egyptian Cement.
Financial services BAF Capital
Switzerland Though a Swiss company, BAF Capital has a special focus on the Latin American region. The offices it has sprawled throughout the area, which offer a wide range of corporate financial services, are evidence of this passion. In addition to providing investment management and debt advisory services, the firm also specialises in financing agribusiness exporters. Due to its extensive experience in these markets, BAF Capital has a keen ability to both locate and exploit the best opportunities the region has to offer. It is for this reason that it pays close attention to customer service, nurturing strong, long-term client relationships.
Financial services Sheikh Mohammed Jarrah Al-Sabah, Chairman, Kuwait International Bank Kuwait As Chairman of Kuwait International Bank (KIB), Sheikh Mohammed Jarrah Al-Sabah has gained a sound reputation in the global banking sphere. He is renowned for his sharp mind and forward-thinking approach, which have helped the institution become a leader in Islamic banking. One of his many achievements during his time at the bank’s helm came with the introduction of a five-year growth strategy for KIB. Al-Jarrah has also ensured that the bank has soared in terms of its financial performance. In the future, he wants the organisation to become the Islamic bank of choice in Kuwait.
Financial Services Kamakura Corporation US Hawaii-based financial software company Kamakura provides financial risk management tools and information for organisations in the global banking, insurance and investment spheres. With customers in 47 countries, the company prides itself on its wide-ranging expertise and dedication to research, something that comes as a result of its team led by the renowned Dr Robert A Jarrow. Clients working with the organisation are often briefed on Kamakura’s latest findings, as well as the underlying mathematics of its models. Its software encompasses reporting tools, financial analytics, a graphic user interface and many other additional benefits.
Financial services Rodrigo Lebois, Founder, Unifin Mexico Rodrigo Lebois is the founding shareholder of Unifin Financiera, a firm that is widely regarded as one of Mexico’s leading financial institutions. For more than 20 years, Unifin has created a number of outstanding products in the areas of leasing, factoring, credit and insurance. With Lebois at the helm, Unifin has strongly cemented its investor and stakeholder relations. Its range of committees help to ensure the firm’s business decisions are always taken with care and consensus. In fact, in 2015, Unifin released a code of ethics to ensure that every action taken by the company is guided by the same rules and moral principles.
Financial services High Quality Language Services Italy High Quality Language Services (HQLS) was developed to provide language solutions for the global finance industry. Its executives translate financial content into dozens of different languages for their clients, who work in the areas of banking, forex and insurance. After more than 15 years in the business, HQLS has translated more than 32 million words and has worked with clients as well-known as Saxo Bank, FXCM, Banca Intesa and MetaQuotes. Consuelo Speranza, the founder and main project manager at the company, has said that HQLS’ short turnaround time, combined with its quality and fair rates, is what makes the company so impressive.
Manufacturing & Commodities Aquashield Oil & Marine Services Nigeria Based in Nigeria, Aquashield Oil & Marine Services offers expertise in maritime security, offshore construction, fabrication and dredging. It is committed to providing excellence at all times for its wide variety of clients, incorporating their feedback into its operations. It has a great number of vessels within its fleet, including the Prime Queen and Prime Lady. The organisation is one of the few private maritime security service companies that has a collaborative partnership with the Nigerian Navy, using its armed naval personnel to support its security operations. Aquashield prides itself on its cost-effective and efficient services.
Financial services Mohammad Nasr Abdeen, CEO, Union National Bank UAE As CEO of Union National Bank (UNB) – one of the leading banks in the UAE and the only bank owned by the governments of Abu Dhabi and Dubai – Mohammad Nasr Abdeen is as dynamic and success-driven as the organisation he heads. He oversees the activities of UNB Group and its subsidiaries, managing a team of more than 2,500 employees. Abdeen has led UNB’s expansion strategy across the region through branches in Qatar, Kuwait and China, as well as subsidiaries that include Union Brokerage Company, Al Wifaq Finance Company, Injaz Marketing, Al Wifaq Properties and UNB Egypt.
Financial services VTB Capital Russia VTB Capital, the corporate and investment banking unit of VTB Group, has achieved significant results since it was founded in 2008. The company has taken part in more than 740 equity capital market and debt capital market deals, which have attracted more than $260bn worth of investments into the region. According to league tables by Dealogic, Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters, VTB Capital has been one of the top three investment banks in Central and Eastern Europe since 2009. The bank operates in London, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Sofia, Zug and Vienna, with headquarters in Moscow.
Legal Afschrift Law Firm Belgium Founded in 1994, Afschrift Law Firm has become one of the most reputable law practices in the world, with a presence in Brussels, Tel Aviv and Hong Kong, in addition to its practices in Luxembourg, Geneva and Fribourg. Employees at Afschrift pride themselves on their experience and in-depth knowledge in every area of tax law, as well as their commitment to the firm’s clients. The company greatly believes in an ethical approach to business, which underpins much of its activities. For its excellent work, Afschrift has been bestowed many awards, including a place in The New Europe’s Fast 50, which honours dynamic organisations in Europe.