Farazad Investments

Farazad Investments Inc. (FII) provides global access to capital and assistance in obtaining loans for industrial and commercial projects, with a uniquely constructive approach. FII is a boutique equity investment house with a strong market position; its products are tailormade to fit each client’s individual needs. FII’s in-house products have received international recognition from the world’s top institutional lenders and asset managers, favouring its dynamic and innovative approach to business. FII has successfully assisted in advising and structuring projects for funding valued at more than $2.1bn over the last eight years, despite the negative effects of the global downturn.

the company was founded in 1996 under the name farazad oil company by current chairman and ceo korosh farazad; by 2005 the company was so successful it could provide in-house financing to small cap companies; by 2011 the core business was facilitating medium to large scale projects